Charred asian salmon fillet
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Charred Asian Salmon fillet

Aromatic coconut, coriander, butternut squash and spring onion barley pilaf. Served alongside green beans.



  1. Start by De seeding and finely slicing the chilli and grating the ginger

  2. Weigh out the ginger, chilli, mirin, garlic puree, and combine with the soy sauce, lime juice and grated zest

  3. Combine the soy marinade and the salmon fillet ensuring the salmon is covered in the marinade

  4. Place the salmon fillet in the in the fridge for 1 hour

  5. To make the pilaff firstly peel and de seed one butternut squash and dice the required amount into 1cm dice

  6. Steam the butternut squash for 3 minutes until al dente and allow to chill

  7. Mix 5g aromatic stock to 125ml hot water

  8. Remove the outer layer from 1 spring onion and wash in cold water

  9. Dry the onion and slice on the angle and set aside the required amount

  10. Weigh the barley and roughly chop the coriander

  11. In a pan combine the stock, barley and coconut milk and bring to the boil then allow to simmer

  12. Reduce the liquid until the barley is cooked and the sauce has thickened

  13. Whilst the barley is cooking weigh out the green beans and cook in boiling water

  14. Heat up your chargrill on a stovetop and chargrill your salmon until bar marks are achieved

  15. Place the salmon into the oven for a further 8 minutes

  16. Once your barley is nearly cooked add the cracked black pepper, coriander, butternut squash and spring onion

  17. Continue to cook the mixture until the added ingredients are cooked

  18. Remove the salmon from the oven and probe ensuring 75 degrees is reached

  19. Place the barley mix, cooked green beans and charred salmon into a bowl and serve

  20. Finish with a wedge of lime

Nutrition Information

per 100g per 411g serving
Energy  482KJ/115kcal  2020KJ/483kcal
Fat  5.4g  23g
of which Saturates  1.6g  6.6g
Carbohydrate  8.4g  35g
of which Suagrs  2.1g  8.7g
Protein  7.2g  30g
Salt  0.43g  1.8g

Credit to the chef

This recipe was created by Chef: Melvyn Redding - SSE Penner Road, Havant