Meet the team

Amanda Ursell, Consultant Nutritionist

Acclaimed Nutritionist Amanda Ursell has been instrumental in developing our Wellbeingbeingwell concept. She works with us to ensure that all our nutritional information is accurate and our guidelines are sound. Amanda has a BSc degree in nutrition and a postgraduate diploma in dietetics.

Amanda’s talent stretches far beyond her knowledge for health and nutrition. She also has a natural ability to communicate – writing regular columns for the Sun newspaper and appearing on many television shows. Her passion really compels our chefs to buy into our vision for food and become true advocates for making healthy, delicious food from the best ingredients to keep our customers inspired.

Amanda Ursell

Rory Larkin (ANutr), Nutritionist

Rory is our full-time Nutritionist, working with Amanda on our Wellbeingbeingwell initiative.

He too has a BSc in Nutrition, which he studied for whilst working as a chef for various restaurants, including one of ours. His culinary experience gives him a unique insight into nutrition from a practical, food production and customer-focused perspective. He leads our monthly Chefs’ Nutrition Training Courses, and given his detailed understanding of their role, is able to give chefs meaningful advice and empower them to make an impact on their customers’ food intake.