Ten top tips for eating healthy

Ten Top Tips For Eating Healthy

Plan, plan, plan. If buying the right house is about location, location, location, then eating well is about planning, planning, and planning. This is especially the case when you are juggling eating well with shift patterns Choose 1% fat or skimmed milk when you can. Wholemeal and granary breads tend to feel more satisfying. If […] Read More

The Body Clock Diet

From Amanda Ursell, our Consultant Nutritionist While most of us have heard of the adage “you are what you eat”, have you ever stopped to consider that “you are what you eat”? The existence of natural rhythms of life has been acknowledged for thousands of years, most obviously controlling the time we sleep and wake. […] Read More

Our Nutritionist, Rory Larkin, Provides a Guide to Traffic Light Labelling.

There are several different terms for nutrition labelling – front of pack labelling, traffic lights, guideline daily amounts (GDAs) or reference intakes (RIs). Sometimes it can be confusing so hopefully this article will make it simple to understand. Since 13th December 2016 it has been a legal requirement for most pre-packaged foods to have nutrition […] Read More
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