The Pros and Cons of Plant Based Diets

The Pros and Cons of Plant Based Diets   The recent rush to adopt ‘plant-based diets’ has been shown by researchers from Harvard University to have its nutritional ups…but also some potential downs. Flying in the face of the common perception that ‘vegetarian always equals healthier’, American scientists discovered a caveat to this assumption. Having […] Read More

A Parent’s guide to Vitamin D

You may well have heard vitamin D being referred to as the ‘sunshine’ vitamin. This is because most of it comes not in the foods we eat, but from the action of sunlight on our skin where ultraviolet rays convert an inactive form of this vitamin into its active form. Only then is vitamin D […] Read More

Poke bowls

The great plus point for tucking into a delicious ‘poke bowl’ is that it gives you a nutritional two-in-one. Not only does a Poke Bowl top up your fish intake, deliciously ticking off one of your ‘two-servings-a-week’ goal, it is also packed with delicious vegetables, helping to power your way tastily towards your five-a-day of […] Read More

Surprising Benefits of Chocolate

CHOCOLATE Yes, chocolate is rich in fat, rich in sugar…and rich in calories. It’s moreish, delicious and for many, hard to say ‘no’ to. But the good news – especially in this month with Easter creeping up on us and chocolate is seemingly everywhere – is that it has some virtues.  Here we highlight some […] Read More


From turmeric and ginger to cinnamon and cumin, the one thing that spices have in common is their capacity to brighten a dish whether it’s pepping up the colour, giving a zing to its flavour or providing a warming sensation to help you relax. Did you know? The word ‘spices’ comes from the Latin ‘species, […] Read More

Surprising Ways to Cut Salt

No one needs to tell you that reduced salt baked beans are less salty than the standard version. You can take this as read. Opting for the former means that in half a large 415g can you get 1.1g of salt compared to 1.5g in an original-style baked bean recipe. There are however some less […] Read More

Food Mood Boosters

Research is beginning to show fascinating links between food and mood and is revealing how what and when we eat and drink can have real and lasting effect on how we feel. Here are some examples of how you can eat your way to feeling great and get the most from your day. Slow Release […] Read More