Surprising Ways to Cut Salt

No one needs to tell you that reduced salt baked beans are less salty than the standard version. You can take this as read. Opting for the former means that in half a large 415g can you get 1.1g of salt compared to 1.5g in an original-style baked bean recipe. There are however some less […] Read More

Food Mood Boosters

Research is beginning to show fascinating links between food and mood and is revealing how what and when we eat and drink can have real and lasting effect on how we feel. Here are some examples of how you can eat your way to feeling great and get the most from your day. Slow Release […] Read More

Lunch Boxes…

It is not easy preparing an interesting, tasty lunchbox day in and day out for your children. It is even more of a challenge to come up with one which you can be sure they will eat rather than swapping contents with their friends or disposing of the bits they did not fancy before they […] Read More

What’s GI Got to do With it?

Gone are the days when the mention of GI got a girl’s heart racing. Now, most of us are aware that GI has more to do with diets than handsome American soldiers. If GI is something you’ve heard of, but are not quite sure about, then check out our 10-Point Guide to help you understand […] Read More

A Day Out… What Can the Children Eat?

There’s nothing like a day out with the children. Excited, happy and totally up for enjoying themselves, the last thing you want is to be Kill Joy when it gets to lunchtime. But if you walk into a café or restaurant and all you can see is chips, pizza, cakes and fizzy drinks, you may […] Read More
Detox Demystified

Detox Demystified

The best part about a healthy detox is that it can help you to transition into a healthy and sustainable diet for the life. There’s no denying there are a lot of ‘stop-start’, ‘quick-fix’, dodgy detoxes out there so the trick is to distinguish between a healthy and unhealthy plan. The main purpose of a […] Read More
Ten top tips for eating healthy

Ten Top Tips For Eating Healthy

Plan, plan, plan. If buying the right house is about location, location, location, then eating well is about planning, planning, and planning. This is especially the case when you are juggling eating well with shift patterns Choose 1% fat or skimmed milk when you can. Wholemeal and granary breads tend to feel more satisfying. If […] Read More